Why use Flytext?

Flytext is a plaintext editor that allows you to edit and create files in your Dropbox account from any web browser. The benefit of a web-based editor is that you can use it from any device where it might not be desirable to install Dropbox (for example, a work computer), or a shared device where Dropbox is not connected to your account.

Flytext deals only with plaintext files, making it useful for quick updates to todo lists, work-notes or simple journals.

I don't like Flytext. What can I use instead?

Some alternative web-based Dropbox text editors I know of are TextDrop, which charges a yearly subscription, and Writebox, which is free.

Who can I contact about Flytext?

Flytext is developed by me, Steve Seear. Drop me a line with any problems or suggestions at steve@flytext.in